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Welcome at the Waldemar Hagemann KG!

Overhaul reduces costs!

Here are some examples of our range:

injection pumps

Renewal of all worn parts such as pump elements,  delivery valves, bearings, flyweights, springs, seals.
In the case of large pumps, if possible, pump elements and delivery valves will be reconditioned, to reduce costs.
After repairs: like new!
MWM440 injection pump on test-bench Deutz 628 injection pump on test-bench Deutz 528 injection pump on test-bench
BOSCH injection pump for MWM 234 BOSCH 6-cyl. MW-Pump BOSCH injection pump for OM446 with EDC
BOSCH-pump for MAN 2840 Bosch injection pumps MaK 452 Feedpump DEUTZ 628
Feedpumps Deutz 528 recon. Injection pump for MWM484, recon.

injector nozzles

Testing for repairability: nozzles with worn spray holes are not repairable!
The valve seat on the nozzle needle and body is ground and lapped. In case of to much pressure-decrease and needle lift , the nozzle needle must be renewed.
After repairs: like new!
B+W needleguides recon. Injectors B&W 35MC recon. ready-to-install Injector B&W 35MC on test-bench
nozzle assortment grinding of a nozzle-needle nozzle injectors for MaK 551, recon.
BW_needleguides recon. injector and needle-guide Deutz 545

pump elements

The barrel bore is honed out and a new plunger,  made from approved materials, is tight-fitted. Sealing surfaces are ground and lapped.
After repairs: like new!
Elements for MaK M20 recon. Pump element MAN 32/40 recon. Pump element B&W S42MC recon.
blank plungers for Deutz, MaK, Wärtsilä

delivery valves + valve supports

The sealing surfaces and valve seats  are ground and lapped. Opening pressure of pressure-balancing valves is adjusted.
After repairs: like new!
valve support for MAN 32/40 recon. pressure-balancing valves Bosch for MaK, Wärtsilä
Signs of wear of injection pump, for example:
loss of engine power;
thinning of lube oil
Signs of wear of injector nozzles, for example:

high exhaust temperature;
dark smoke;
Signs of wear of pump elements, for example:
cavitation-wear of the control edges and holes on plunger and barrel;
hence reduce of ignition pressure and loss of power
Signs of wear of delivery valves, for example:
loss of power;
high exhaust temperatures and dark smoke at part load and idle

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