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Welcome at the Waldemar Hagemann KG!

Overhaul reduces costs!

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We are a family-run business, based since 01/01/2014 in Ellerbek on the outskirts of Hamburg (previously Altonaer Caussee 49, 22869 Schenefeld).
In more than 40 years, through flexibility, reliability and value for money, we have earned a good reputation with our customers.
Our main business is the repair of diesel pumps and nozzles for commercial shipping and engine-reconditioners, as well as agricultural vehicles, trucks and cars.
In our specially equipped, fine-mechanical workshop we can overhaul the injection equipment for diesel engines of almost all  brands. For  the adjusting of inline- and distributor-pumps we are equipped with two BOSCH test-benches.
Take a look at our products to get an overview of our capabilities

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